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ICE in addition to its agency business also act as independent freight forwarders be it by Air, Sea or Land to offer its customers greater flexibility & the maximum number of options. Through various tie ups both in India as well as across the globe, we can forward cargo virtually between any two points across the globe. ICE is able to source very competitive rates & service levels either directly or through its partners to ensure that the customer gets exactly what he wants, be it the quickest transit times or the most competitive rates. By using only reliable carriers we ensure that cargo delivery is “on time every time”.

Air Freight

ICE is an accredited to all the major airlines operating in India. The air freight activities cover 6 continents & over 100 airports across the globe. ICE proactively tailors its air freight solutions to meet the exact requirements of its customers be it the quickest possible transit or cost effective movement. In addition to being able to track cargo through the airlines' systems. ICE provides accurate & timely feedback in the form of reports as per the requirements of its customers.

Land Transportation

Delivery to Inland Destinations is also undertaken by us. Depending on the location, transit required, reliability & a number of other factors as required by the client, cargo can be moved either by rail or by road. Although, typically across the globe movement by road is slightly more expensive than by rail, very often, road works out far more cost effective & in certain cases may even be the only option available.

Ocean Carriage

ICE through its good relationship with all leading shipping lines in India & through its highly professional partners across the globe can source some of the most competitive rates at very high service levels from these shipping companies for ocean carriage. By virtue of this, ICE is able to pass on the benefit to its customers who stand to profit from much more competitive freight rates & the highest levels of service. Ocean Carriage today is predominantly gripped by the containerization boom across the globe. This has proved to be a convenient & cost effective option of moving cargo to the bulk movement that dominated the yester years. Containers are standard in length & width, into which cargo is stuffed & the container is then loaded on the ships. Container sizes are predominantly of two sizes namely 20' L x 8' W x 8.5' H also referred to as a "Twenty Footer" & 40' L x 8' W x 8.5' H also referred to as a "Forty Footer". There are other minor variants to this such as a "High Cube" which is one foot taller & a "Forty Five Footer" which is 45' in length. While the standard container is made of steel, you also get them made of aluminium. There are containers with no top (called Open Top), or even with no sides (called Flat Racks) to suit the accommodation of oversized cargo. There are also special refrigerated containers to transport sensitive & perishable cargo including food stuffs, Photo sensitive material such as film & others